Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Bracket

I'm a HUGE CBB fan. NCAA is my favorite time a year, Uconn is my team. So on the first day i was 13-3 and none of my losing teams i had going to the sweet 16. I was leading my pool and looking great. However, the next day hell. First Ohio St. one of my final 4 teams is getting pounded by Davidson. They however come back and hang on. At the same time another of my final 4 teams Iowa is playing, as im watching the Bucknell, Arkansas game( I had Bucknell) I see Iowa is up 17 with 7 to go all of a sudden after a commercial break it is 8 and after another it's 2. So CBS finally decides to take us there. Iowa is up 1 shooting 2, Brunner who is their best player is at the line he makes two they need 3 to tie. He makes the first and i m thinking their is no way he can miss the second. CLUNK! front iron NWst. goes up and shoots a 3 and misses however, they get the off. rebound and i know when they got it he was making the shot of course from 26 feet fade away SWISH! they go up by 1 and haluska has a chance but hits the rim. So im looking terrible. After i coudlnt watch for 20 minutes. However i recover in time to watch UCOnn. Im watching this game in complete shock. Their are playing the worst bball i have seen a team ever play. At the half their up 1 and im thinking Jim will have the boys ready and pound the shit out of this team. But they are still playing horrible and with 11:33 to go their down 12 and i call my friend who agrees with me they have no shot they actually loss. Then I call my mom and she is like be positive so i calm down get my UConn t-shirt and start cheering or coaching like i never have before.(im pyshciatic when it come to the giants uconn and the yanks, when they are on u don't talk to me) so as i m yelling they re coming back and then marcus takes a 3 SWISH they got the lead and take control of the game. They win and i think it is due to Craig Austrie who had a great game. So the night is not down i have kansas going to the elite 8 losing to UCLA. So i m watching UAB Kentucky i got UAB and Bradley is playing the game of their life. I saw the Big 12 championship game and Kansas was phenominal however they are losing to Bradley who played like shit against S. Illinois. Kansas mounts a run but couldn't come back and another bad loss. However some people in my pool had them in the final 4. So after round 1 i was in third with 4 other people with 25pt.s and 23-9 record. I still have a good shot as Im only one of two people who have UCLA in the final 4 and the only one to have Ohio St. The other team is UConn who i have winning it all. Ill get back to u after tonight's games to tell u how i did and where i am

Peace Matt


Blogger Don said...

Not a bad blog. Edit your first entry. It sucks. Try and make some paragraphs and a few grammatical changes. Also, please dont copy some of the things I do on my blog. Overall, I'm impressed. You also need to put some stuff in your profile though. Btw, the bracket pool is mine. I havn't lost any of my elite 8 teams or final four teams.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

DIzzle i got my profile up and Im in better shape then you right now anyways. U need florida and texas w/ texas in the finals with a shot to win.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Don said...

I realize that.

7:02 PM  

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