Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Much News.

So, alot to talk about first life. Yankees started up and our struggline, already dealing with injuries hopefully they can turn it around. I also got a job at at a garden place. This will be perfect as it will help fund poker and my soon to be car.
For poker nothing live bricked everything, but I feel I am coming out of this funk and will hit a sick rush soon. As for online BIG NEWS. I got someone to give $20 on full tilt to manage. He got 90% so i was up 10 dollars and on Sunday night played a 2 dollar. I hit an amazing rush and was chip leader the first two hours. Then in the third hour just chilled and was at the final two tables. With 15 left i pushed in with A8 vs. KK and hit a miracle A and then just played extremely well accumalitng chips for the final table. When I got to the final table. I just chilled and found myself 3 handed when this hand come up. i have 88 in bb with 85k button with 105k limps sb raises 3x bb to 18k i push in button insta calls and sb takes 15 seconds and call with KK with his 320k stack. Flop 3K8 the case king fall my set no good I take a disappointing third for 65. Then the next day i decide to give a whirl at the 630 version of the 2 dollar. Very early i hit a 2 outer with KJ on a J984K board. I was against AA and J9. Then I cruised into the money but their i was ss. I pushed in wiht 87 off and got called by 88 with 50 left on a 454 flop not looking good turn J river 6!!! I doubled up huge. Then about 1/2 hour late all in on the button K7s vs. AK river flush and I get to teh finall two tables. With 35k i raise a pot with A9 to 5kish. This guy who had called my last 7 raises finally pushes in i decided to call the 20k more he has 99, but i flop an A and i have 64k. Very next hand I have AQ in teh office raise to 3600 button with 3k calls the sb then reraises 29k more all in. I think and call button JJ sb KK Q98flop turn Q!! i have 110k and cruise into final table. Their I played one of my best final tables to get hu 2-1 advantage. This guy would raise his button 85% of the tiem and call my rasies 85% of the time and never rerasies so eventually i was 2-1 and all in with Q10 vs. AK i flopped a 10 and then had him all in 4 times and the lat hand K10 vs. 22 K107 flop no 2 I WON THE TOURNEY!! First online win in about 10 months this was good for 151. Now the bad news is i was still on the stake so i only get 10% of my account leaving 29 bucks. So now i cant move up I have to stay at the 1 and 2 dollars, but Im more than willing too.

Try to post more often

Monday, March 26, 2007

Post 100!: Long Time NO see

Its been about 3 weeks since ive seen you all. I have played no live poker due to the tournament. I played some online at stars. I got my accoutn from that 4.20 to 13.75 and cashed in 3 of my last 4 multis. Last 2 getting real deep but catching gooseeggs late. My bracket is done. I had a great first round 27-5. OK second round getting 7 of 8 elite 8 teams. Only Xavier didnt make it on bullshit and I had UNLV. Then that Thursday killed me lost Southern Illinois and Texas A&m with in 25 minutes of each other. So im done. Im broke and looking for a job. I do have atleast umpiring and pretty sure Ill be doing something that will give atlest 50 additional a week. When I get going I WILL redeposit 50 dollars on Full tilt and play small tournies 1 and 2 dollar multis with some occassional 2 dollars till i get to 80 where i can take some shots. My plan for this will be not to keep much in after i get to like 200. I need money for a car so im going to be taking out quickly. This will make it extremely important to use good bankroll management. I got a live tourney in April for SPOY so I can really use that. Poker Superstars is going slow so I don't think that will be starting for a while. I got one week left in this quarter and I got to finish strong so not much poker until Sunday.


Friday, March 02, 2007

The Madness of March

In the little online i have played these past two weeks have been as cold as the past few months. The good news is im doing alot better in school and March Madness is starting. This is my favorite sporting spectacle of the year. Im doing two pools one for 10 and another for 5. Im really into college basketball, as I do my own projected bracket to help prepare me. The only bad news this year is that Uconn is looking like their going to make the tournament, so now it looks like I'll follow some NIT. Don won a $10 Mtt ofr 750 last weekend and is playing really good. My pro friend Robert Lauria who is a nasty pro just took down a HOSE event for 2500 at FARGO. He is so nasty, I hope to go up to his crib soon and play some live games with home. As for me live, Don and I have come up with Poker Superstars and and Southington Series of Poker. I'll post when I have more information. Im playing a live event tommorrow as I need the money as our High School team has made the playoffs and I need the money to pay, not to menton the SPOY points. You can see all these points and tournaments at our site at www.southingtonpoker.8k.com . Also we are planning to have a 10 dollar tourney at pokerstars for the site in mid april, just holla at me and ill get you the password. Im planning to put $10 on stars and play some .25 tourneys and see what happens. Won't play alot until after the tournament. Im also still looking for a job to fund me so who knows.

Trying to survive in everything,

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It Ends Tonight

Im broke.Played some super sats got deep in both and nothing. Just ran really bad these last 2 months. Could have made better decision in some cases, but thats poker. Im trying to rebuild through stakes and might redeposit down the road, but first i need a job. I got a home tourney on Monday and I could really use a win there for points and the money. I got vacation this week so I hope on playing like a few tournaments live this week. College basketball is getting intense. Uconn isnt looking like their going to mkae the tournament but it still should be a good tourney. I did a bracket and its looking good. I dont know what im going to do now no poker and no money. Looking for a job, but spring is looking promising for that.

Confused Live Strong
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

January in Review

Sucked; is the only word to describe it. I lost 80% of my roll and I am down to 27 bucks. I need a win in micro limit mtt to get back to 5's. Im way off for all my goals, not poker related either.No job so Turning Stone will be hard. No car, poor grades for my standars and very low roll. The only good thing I am surroned by good people in life and the poker industry.I will have a job in the spring and I do have people who will stake me. My next big live tourney is on President's Day. Online I need to do what I said or above or go deep in some of these stakes. I won't play as much poker either due to College Basketball which will consume my life for the next 2 months. Lets hope February is better and get back on track (Huskies too.)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It Ends Tonight

Long time. Alot happend. Umm yea i got 36 dollars in my account. got mad this guy challengedme to 1-2 hu and he never showed and i got stuck there. So i bought in for 50 with 35 left i have JJ vs. A10 AA 8 flop. Im down to 50. I then proceeced to cash in 6 str8 tournaments including a live one. I got my account to 81 by winning a STT. Yesterday I played for the first time in 2weeks. Lost like 27 all in mtt's played good no luck. Today, I was even then i tilted off 15 of it when I lost a hu match. To be at 36, now im playing $2 hu matches and 1-2 mtt's mb 3 dollar tubrbos not sure. Im looking for a job to get my bankroll. Im also taking the Colts in the Super Bowl so I want action. I need money. No netteller too so that suck. I really need to win a tournament. Im playing Wednesday probably.

Help me

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here's Whats up

Giants out, I won a college football pool for 100 and poker is killing me. Lets see I played yesterday in 36 man 2 dollar tournament where 4 pay and 1st gets the seat to the big satelite for the sunday. I got 5th when A6 in a big pot lost to QJ on the turn. I went to a live tournament I played great but got nothing going no money. Then I came home played a 6.60 super again 70 in 10 pay 7 get seat. I had a big pot where i ahd A4 on a 2488 board guy put me all in i call he had 32. Then I won a flip to get to 6500. With that stack I had KK raise a guy with 2500 pushes in I call he has AA. I fight back and final table. 7th in chips but in sb with 44 one limp and bb i have 6k 235 flop i bet 1k bb folds limp raises min i call leaving me 3800 ish. turn J i go all in limper calls with AA. I lose and get 9th for 10.50. Then i got a partial stake in the midnight madness. I have KK in second postion i raise 120 at 20-40 a guy then reraises to 600 I go all in for 780 more he calls with JJ QJ8 flop turn 10 I brick all my outs gg me. Then I play the 12pm 5 dollar today, win a pot early on to get to 1950 then im in the bb for 40 with 1800 behind with AK. utg limp second positon min raise folded to me. I raise to 240 utg folds 2nd pos. calls. AQ7 flop i chech he bets 170 i raise to 400 he calls. I have 1250ish left he has me by like 50 turn 10 i go all in he calls with A10 gg me. The STTs are up and down and my account is at 126. I might play a super tommorrow morning. Im probably done for the day