Thursday, March 23, 2006


Sorry that I couldn't post in the last few days I had some major reports to do for my courses. Ive been playing poker and doing reports at the same time so I couldn't update this blog. Well I haven't told you but I'm a low limit tournament player at I usually play 2.75 STT where winner gets 12.50 and 1-3.50 MTT on the weekends. So in between my reports Ive been playing these 2.75 STT and now some 2.20 15 manners. I ve been playing great and up 30 from my 80 dollar account. I won to STT and second in a 15 man. My account is over 110 and am I currently playing a 15 man now. Ill get back to you all on this tourney currently I'm decent shape. Gotta got to go win this now.

Peace Matt


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