Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I entered a 2.20 15 man 5 seat table tourney. I pick alot of small pots until we get 6 people left in the tourney where i have 1700 and for some reason me and this guy are playing heads up waiting for one more person to get knocked out. Then this major hand came up, my opponent was raising alot since i took alot of pots from him. Blinds are 50-100 im first to act with A7o and i call he raisese 550 more i think i have him so i call leaving me 1200 flop is 1076 he goes allin i m 98% sure i got him and i call he has A2 and has to go 22. He didn't im up to 3k at the final table. Early at the final table I just pick up small pots like I did before. Then I have 2800 with 150 in bb J2. button calls go to flop is K810 check check turn 5 check he bets min. He bet it oddly so i raise minimum to 300 he takes allong time before he raises 450 more i think along time and call bluffing river. River Q i bet 1050 aobut 1/2 pot he takes along time and calls and shows K8 for two Im down to 1000. I have 900 100-200 blinds i get K7 on button i go all in get call by bb who has 99 flop is KK2! i m in great shape back to 1900 as long as I dodge a 9 turn 4 river 9!!!!!NO!!! I wanted to throw up as I finished on the bubble. I could of thrown the hand away on the reaise to 450 but I m here to win not to cash. I played the best I could I'll get it next time. Im done probably until Saturday night after the NCAAs.



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