Saturday, March 25, 2006

First MTT in a Month

After yesterday's 4 man heads up debaco I played my first MTT in a month. But first I'll give you a quick overview in that heads up thing. I win my first match easy in a 5 dollar 4 man heads up toureny. If you win 2 matches you get 20 bucks.So im y next match i have KK and win a big pot so the chips are 2100 to me and 900 for him we stay like this for awhile when this hand comes up.He has been raising me alot so im happy to see 88 and he raises me so i put him all in he calls with AQ if I win this hand I win the tournament. If I lose Im in 2nd. He flopped the Q and wins. So eventually im down to 800 when I have A10 he raises I go allin he calls with AK and he wins. Anyway no for the 1 dollar MTT. In the first 20 minutes I get no hands and have 1300 from the 1500 left. WIth the blinds 15-30 I pick up QQ i raise to 120 and get two callers. Flop is 983two diamonds. I bet 300 this gguy puts me all in I call he has A9 and misses I win and up to 2700. Few hands later i get KQ their are 2 limpers i raise to 120 and get two callers. flop is 988 two hearts I bet 210 1/2 pot they both call. Turn is another heart which gives me a K high flush draw but we all check River is a Q so i have top 2 but I check guy next to me checks and the last guy to act bets 300 into a 1200 chip pot. I think im 90% I have and 10%, so I call and the other guy calls and i have the best hand and my stack gets to 4k. About 20 minutes later 25-50 blinds I have QQ again I raise to 200. One guy calls and this guy who has been making alot of strange moves raises 3400 more. I have 3700 I'm 98% sure he has AK and Im willing to gamble so I go allin and the other guy calls. Sure enough he has Ak 8200 chip pot. He wins his in first I win im in 5th outta 360 and first is 90 smacks. Flop is 963 all diamonds. No one has a diamond, so I have a huge lead turn A! NO!! I miss and Im out. Im so pissed, but I play to win. Currently Im in a 2.75 STT im an ok shape. First hand I lost 240. So i was down to 760 when i was in the bb with 73s 4 limpers. I chekc and the flop is 1047 two spades my suit i bet 40 a guy raises to 80 and another guy riased to 240 so I go allin for 720 total one guy folds the other calls with 10s and 7s. So I really need a spade turn spade. I double to 1750. I get to 2200 with AK. Thne with blinds 20-40 Im in the sb i call bb riases the minimum so i call with j7. Flop is J32 so i check he bets 80 i reriase to 240 he calls leaving him 600. Turn is a 2 i bet him all in and he calls with QQ. So I'm down to 1200 for the rest of the tourney so with 4 left on the bubble 160-320 blinds I go all in for 920 with 107d chip leader calls with A10 and he wins and I bubble leaving my account at 99.30. i was at 113.50 two days ago. So I lost 14. Ive been getting some tough luck lately but that is poker I'll bounce back out of it like I usually do. Hopefully sooner than later.

Peace Matt


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