Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Bracket Part 4

A few days ago I was looking like shit. Today Im in great shape to win it all. With the Duke and BC losses and Gonzaga I took a great chance to win this. I have UCLA and UConn left wit them playing each other in the finals and of course Uconn winning it all. And boy am I lucky. First in the UCLA game I was about to give up, but I kept believing. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Gonzaga was up by 17 and double digits most of the second half and all of a suddne with 5 minutes left UCLA makes a huge run culminating with a last second steal trailing by 1 to make a layup and win the game. Now for the UConn game;WOW!!! They played horrible, 26 turnovers! However somehow they pulled themselves together and with 2 seconds left down by 3 Rashad Anderson made a 3 to tie. I was going crazy that I thought I was having a hard attack. In OT they dominated and won. Once again Marcus had a huge game. I can't believe they won though they were down by 6 wit 1 minute left and they pulled it off, unbelievable. So for today I need UCLA over Memphis although Texas won't hurt me if they win, it'll be better if LSU won. For tommorrow I need UConn who should win but u never know and Im pulling for Florida over Nova as along as UCLA plays Uconn in the ship and Uconn wins I win the pool worth 65 bucks to me. 17 of us paid 5 smacks each, I'm doing 65 to first and 20 to second.

See ya'll later


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