Saturday, March 25, 2006


I entered the 9:30 1 dollar. I just tell you about the second hour. I played great the first hour and got to 9400 at break leaving me in 8th. 275 enterd 90 were left first was 75. So in the second hour im at 13500 when i have 99 200-400 blinds guy goes all in for 2900 i call he ahs A9s im 3-1 but of course he flops the A leaving me 10500. Later similar situation this time I have 1010 though and he has 2800 i call he ahs AA but i flop the set! Getting me to 14500. We switch tables with 40 people left this guy raises to 800 i have 33 i call flop is 3108 two clubs he bets 800 i raise to 2400, he calls. Turn 7 of clubs this scares me he bets 800 so i call. River Kc im pissed now but he only bets 400 so i have to call he has A9h! He bluffed I won! So i got 20k when this happened. I have AA in bb limper i raise to 1800 300-600 blinds he calls he has 10k. Flop is 910J i bet 5k he goes all in I think im considering he has KQ, but I don't think he woulda raised so I call he had KJ! He has 9 outs turn Q NO! I miss the king on the river and lose half my chips. If I win this pot im chip leader with 38 left. SO a few hands later i got 9k i bet to 1800 one caller flop is 1083 the guy who called has 5k to my now 7k i put him all in figuring he missed as well as I. He takes along time and calls with AQ?Im livid but have outs turn is a 9 so i have open ended str8 draw Q or 7 river J! I though i won but i realized that gave him the str8 and now im down to 2200. I walk in my bb getting me to 3k. SO next hand i have A7 go all in guy calls with 22. Flop is 1022 im out. 5 away from the money. I m playing great poker and getting on the bubble everytime. This so sick My account is at 93 and I lost 20 in 3 days. Im so frustrated, because im playing great, I was throwing hands like AJ 1010 88 away preflop and everytime i was right. I made a call on a Q high flop and 3 to a flush on the board with JJ. My friend was in this predictament, but he worked his way out of it and has made I believe 3 final tables this week. Im considering the 2.25 midnight MTT. The only good new today is that LSU and UCLA won.

Talk to ya'll later


Blogger Don said...

yeah don't sweat it bro.

I've finished 10-30 away from the money in 12 out my last 18 tournaments. I finished 5 away from the money today then 15 away from the money today! No worries because I finshed 4rth and made up for all the losses I've had lately. Just make sure you keep playing good and don't obsess over bad beats.

If I did, I wouldn't busted out of my tourney very very early. Stay focused.


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