Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not Again

I entered the 6pm 2 dollar. Early on I get to 1800 when im under the gun with QQ 25-50 blinds i raise to 150 guy with 360 goes all in a guy then with 520 goes all in and a guy with 1025 goes all in. I call One has 55 another Aq another A10, im a big favorite. Flop is JA10 tunr 10 river 3 im donw to 700. Then with 50-100 blinds iget AA and triple up to 2k. Then with KK i raise to 300 5 callers.Flop is 963 rainbow i go all in with 2k 2k pot one caller who has K9 i win and get to 4500. A few hands before break i get AQs utg raises minimum and he will with anything i just call and anohter guy calls. Flop is 7j3 two diamonds i have 4 flush. UTG bets minimum me and other guy just call turn 5 blank utg checks i bet 500 guy calls utg folds. River diamond, I got the nuts i bet 1k he goes all in i immediately call he has 93 of diamonds and i win getting to 8800 at break. So a few hands after break i get AQ and lose 2k when guy rivers flush with K9s. Then i don't get any hands for 30 minutes. With the blinds 200-400 I have 5200 utg with AQ i raise to 1200 this guy who has more chips than me and has been going all in with marginal hands goes all in i call. He has 88 and it's a race I flop an A and get to 11200. The very next hand im in bb with AQs the guy who just lost the pot goes all in I immediately call, because I am dead positive he has tilting and if he wasn't most likely it was a coinflip. He has AK, NOT AGAIN! He hangs on and Im eliminated in 49th place on the next hand. I was 19 from the money in the top 20 and with my luck the guy who was tilting was tilting with the best hand when I pick up a hand. I haven't cashed in a MTT in 2 months and it ain't going to happen tonight. Most likely the next tourney I will play will be tommorrow's 6pm.
Better Luck Next Time,


Blogger Don said...

Wow that was an INCREDIBLY weak play. If I think the guy has 72o I don't call there. The reason? You're only a 2:1 favorite and you're risking all your chips when you're not getting close to 2:1. That was a horrid play. You had a ton of chips, absolutely no reason to risk it there with AQ. Learn to manage a big stack. Ya deserved to bust out.

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