Thursday, October 26, 2006

Drop Off

After winning 12 out of my last hu matches I played today with 227 in my account. I proceeded to go down to 191 as I lost 5 Hu matces in a row and a 6 man and a 9man. In the first hu i hurried through it and then the next 2 I played a super donkey who the two times I went all in made a hand. Then I lost to a 2o uter. I then played a 9man where I was short stacked the whole time when I was all in I missed 25 outs to stay alive. In the 6 man I got up to 4k but lost half of it when I lost to a rivered straight. I tilted off the rest of that. In the next hu match I let it slip away for a grand toatl of a36dollar lost in 90 minutes. I was real happy and pump for this 45 man I was going to play tommorrow. Im still going to play it still, but my attitude won't be the same. Instead of feeling good and invincible. THe feeling is going to be more of desperation. My plan is to play 1-3 MTTs this weekend and try to get the account climbing again. Im going to talk to my friend and see he recommends for a style.



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