Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Sunday

Well after taking the PSATS and watching some college football I went to my friends house for a 10 man 10 buy tourney. I think we started with 4k or so blinds at 25-50. I was in a gambling mood and was playing alot of hands the fist 45 minutes. I made a nice bluff with K6 of hears on a 4 diamond board. He folded 3 kings. I was playing good and got up to lik4 6500 or 7k. When i was in the bb for 100 with 2 limpers. I had KQ and decided to check. Flopwas 7910. I checked this kid was betting out flops alot bet 200 I called. Turn was a J of clubs for 2 clubs. I checked he bet 150 i reraised to 500 he reraised another 500, I though he might have like 76 of clubs so I reriased again 1250 trying to represent like 109 and he called river was a blank. I had like 2500 left he had like 3k I decided to push all in and he insta called with J9. I think that was a stupid play. Because I could of sat out from there and probably get easily heads up and the kid who was won I poon. So anyway today I redownload Full Tilt, since I lost it in an "altercation" and played 5 hu matches winning all 5. The first on i hit a big draw all in to win. The second one I had AQ and the board was 43AQ all diamonds he min reraised o flop he bet pot on turn and went all in on the river of 9. I thought and though and called, he had 65 of hearts and i won. The next one I made trip 4s against A2. I then had KK against K6. The last one was remarkable. It asted 45 minutes and had it won almost when I had 87 on on 468109 board. I had him 3-1 he called half is chips on turn with QJ. Then I got it to 2-1 when the blinds were 50-100 i pushed all in after he limped with A2. He called with 55, but I rivered the A for hu match wins. Thats puts my accoount over 200.

I probably won't play untill atleast Friday since I have some detentions and a project due. Im pumped for the Giants tommorrow night.



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