Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Turning it Around?

So on Sunday I played a 5 dollar O8 MTT i got a off to a great start but once of game by getting some coolers and getting sucked out on i got bounced in the second hour ago 15 from the money. Then that afternoon I went to my friends house to play a 5 dollar 12 man. I was playing good and basically put my tournament in on a coinflip1010 vs. AQ he hit a Q but i had a flush draw str8 draw and a 10 bricked got knocked out. However, on Monday I played an 18 man took down second for 27, butI shoulda won I had him all in 3 times. In that tournament I made a sick call or 3/5 of my chips on a Q25 board with a raise and a reraise all in with QJ and I was right o.b. folded all in had 44. Then today I played a hu match and won getting my account over 160.
If you didn't know the House oked the gambling bill which means it moves on to the senate. This is the first step to elminiating our game, but it still has to get passes many more times and it will take 2-3 years to do so. Till then we keep playing

Non poker the Yankees won game 1 and are currently in a rain delay for game 2. If they win tonight I think they will sweep if they don't their in trouble because I think Johnson will be tight with loss and comfortable with a win. In school got a progress repor i got 4 A's and 2 C's. I happy although one of the As i definately going to likea B- since i got a 10 on a quiz there but one of the cs is going to a B so hopefully I can get back on track from vacation and maintain my grades. I did really well on the state test about averagae in all 4 areas of concern.

See you in a while


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