Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pissed Off and Back in The Black

First non-poker: YANKEES SUCK! AROD SUCKS!! They need to get rid of arod giambi sheffield mussina wrigth farnsworth myers. They need melky in left, damon in center abrue in right, who ever they get for AROD at 3rd and at first and or andy phillips jeter and cano and keep posada. IN the bullpen u keep proctor mo and bruney u keep wang and have to keep johnson and karstens and rayner with whoever u get for arod in the rotation. This is a disgrace and unaccpetable. The only funny thing is Mike Franseca has to buy SF Giants season tickets, (watch Mike and the Mad Dog tommorrow). IN good news the Giants defense is back and got a much needed victory over washington.

Now for poker, thats right im positive again. I won a 9man and cashed in two mtts in a row. Last night 40 for 9.20 and tonight 20th for 12.00 I had great starts in both of them. Tonight I missed a 22 outer to stay alive and last night I got ss and my 99 rain into AA. I only got lucky once although I played better last night. I hope I can keep this up as Im creeping up to getting my bonus. My friend is still the unluckiest human alive so pray for him.

See ya'll later


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