Monday, September 18, 2006

Down More

Im officialy down on full tilt. Im at 169 and started with 171. So in this current losing streak Im down 115. Just the same as last time wrong hands at wrong times and i can't win a pot. My friend and I have this bet since we are both running so bad the first to win a tournament gets 15 bucks, this might take a year or two, or i lose because i go broke. In some actual good news the Giants had a sick comeback yesterday. They were down 17pts. in the 4th quartehr force overtime and won on plaxico's td catch. I was going crazy, that was a key win. My fantasy team is likely going to be 2-0 bad luck there again, no running game plus I always find that one opponent he has a sick week. However I did pick up Larry Johnson for a rb and that should help alot. Im going on vacation Saturday so Im hoping to play a MTT before I leave and pray to the lord i can actually cash for the first time in like 2 months. When I get back the next time I'll actually play will probably be Columbus day weekend. Ill try to get a post in before I leave, but I will definately have one for when I come back.

Lets hope my luck changes


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