Saturday, September 23, 2006

Im Leaving in 1 hour

We are going on our cruise in 1 hour. I m not thrilled but Ill take the vacation from school. Just a quick blurb about this week; I actually won a 6 man tournament and stayed even since I didn't play from Wednesday on. Last night I went to a 19 man 10 dollar tourney. It was a good structure and the play was bad. Unfortuanately for me I was at the way better of the 3 tables. I couldn't catch a break. I would get hands like A10 6 handed and it would be raised or reraise after I raised and i had to fold. I couldn't hit a flop either. I went out when i flopped top pair from sb and the bb trapped with AA. I won a side game to get some back, I really wanted that win to break out of my struggle, but I'll have to wait till next time.

YANKEES CLICNHED!!!! 12th consecutive trip to postseason and 9th str8 division. Im pumped, and the Giants have a big game this week against the Seahawks in which im 95% sure i can wathc, that made me real happy. Im going to read Erick Lindresn book on the way up.

See ya in a week or so



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