Saturday, September 30, 2006


The cruise was nice. The ship was way bigger than I expected and they had great food selection. I would eat like 6 meals a day and then go to this place to watch sports. I watched my dad play a couple of 10 mans no cashes. I would of easily won despite the horrible structure. My favorite spot was Bar Harbor where I picked up a nice Yankee pullover. Since I got back a got a shitload of homework to do for school, which I want to get done before the MLB playoffs. My fantasy team got there first win and are now 1-2.

Now 30 minutes ago i entered a .05 .10 cash game and 5 dollar 9 man. In the 5 dollar i was dealt 18 hands saw 4 flops including blinds. I got all my money in with 19 outs and missed. In the cash game i would of been up to close to 12 dollars but my Aq coulndt hold offA2s preflop when he flopped the nut flush. Im currently still in that game up 1.50. Ill probably post again Wednesday.



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