Friday, September 08, 2006

What The Fuck Just Happened

I just lost 30 bucks in cash games. I was feeling good, and decided to play the Gus Hansen super super aggressive style. Lost 5 when my bluff failed. Then I rebought picked up AK against a steaming opponent who had A10 in an 18 dollar pot at .05 .10 789 flop turn J. Im drawing dead out another 5 and would of been up 8 and out of there. So the next 5 I have 98 on a 828 board turn gives me a flush draw we get it all in, so if I win im even he has 22 for the cooler. Then I try to make a play with AJ lost 5 there and the next 5 I steamed off. The next 5 I got it in in a flip my 33 vs. his A8 I win this Im only down 12. JJQ flop turn K river 8. Im out 30 buck and my account dips to 251. I now really need to FT a 5 dollar. I played a different style which actually was about to win me a nice score, but didnt work out that way. Im now done with cash games and back tu HU and STT, MTTs. I won't be able to play poker probably to next Friday. Im pissed off tha I just blew 12% of my account. Oh well thats the way it goes sometimes.

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