Sunday, September 03, 2006

School and Poker

Well school sucked, teachers are ok, but not in some classes that I wanted. Lot more work than last year so that sucks. In poker Im over 300 dollars. I got my first release for my sign up bonus of 17.10. I have been playing alot of PLO8 hu matches and been doing very good. In tournaments though no luck. In my last 5 tournaments I have made it to the 2nd hour but not past. Today, I played teh 6pm 5 dollar. I got up to 2k but then lost a pot which got me down to 1580. I then virtually doubled up with 99 vs. AJ. Then 30-60 button limps I raise in sb with AQ to 180 bb folds button calls. Flop is A5Q rainbow. I check he bets 60 i flat call. Turn 3 I check he bets 60 I reraise to 300 and he takes forever to call. River 9 for no possible flushes or str8s. I raise to 420 he reraises min. I think of jus flat calling but decide to push in his last 1150 he calls and flips up 99 for the two outer. I then double up against this guy with KQ vs. A2s when my top pair of Kings hold off his flush draw and make first break. Then first hand after break i have 1010 utg i raise to 360 leaving 1500 behind me. The button thinks for a while and then raises 900 more. It gets back to me. I think for awhile an don't believe he has an overpair, I actually thought 99 or AJ so I go allin he calls with KK gg me. For the 5th str8 time no cash, but second hour. I got to change this and get deep. Im done today and probably will play a bit tommorow.

Yesterday was the first big day of college football. The only real good games was Notre Dame Georgia Tech. ND didnt nothing offensively until their last drive in the first half and trailed 10-7 at the half. They got an early TD in the second half and never looked back. I picked ND to win the championship this year and to beat West Virginia who I think is the second best team in CFB. The NFL starts this Thursday and Im pumped.

Im not playing that much poker after tommorrow since of school and then driving school /football on weekends and then after driving school Im going on vacation and won't be able to play again till almost October

Got homework and playing a tournament



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