Sunday, November 05, 2006

Life's A Bitch

That sums up this week in general. Sorry for the delayed post been really busy lately. Lets see well Friday I lost a tournament live, I didn't play that well and I lost 25 online. The next morning lost 20 online and bubbled in a live tournament. I went to my friend's house so I didn't play that night. So when I came back I watch the Giants an lost another 20 for a total of 77, not including food. I was up at 235 all the way down to 170. Nothing is going right I'm not even playing bad just sick shit is happening. Coolers suckouts unfoldable hands off on reads. If it was just poker it would suck, but I'm having some family/life/school problems too. Im probably going to keep playing this week and probably try to get into 1 or 2 FTOPS events. Lets hope i can rebound like last time.

Hopefully things will get better


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