Friday, March 31, 2006

Finally A FInal

I made a final table! It was the $2 6pm i finished 6 and won 32. I forgot all the details since i m so estatic. I remember i took to brutal beats in the beginning but played great and got to the final table. The last hand was i had 3ok i was in sb 2k 4k blinds this guy goes all in for 40k i have 99 i call he has AQ and flops a Q. However that wasn't it I finished 12th i a 1 dollar no limit event. I won most of chips whe i had AJ flopped broadway and my opponet had a set of 10s. Then I got to 60k, but everytime I would raise I would get reraised. The last i had A7s 1500 3k blinds i had 25k i went all in and got called by QQ and he hung on i won 4.50 and won 40 dollars on the day.Ill do a better job next time getting details, but Im pretty pumped right now, that was my first cash in 6 weeks in a mtt and my first final table since early January.
Hope the good luck keeps up


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