Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Cash

I entered the 9:30 2.25 NL Freezeout with 236 players and 20 paying. I finished 16th winning 4.73. In the first hour i got to 9k. A key hand was when I had JJ vs. 88 and K10 and hung on which got me to 6500. I made a flush which got my to 9k. Then in the second hour i got down to 4600 with 200-400 blinds by me trying to pick up a pot and getting reraised and having to fold everytime. However i doubled with AA vs. KK to 9800 then with 77 vs. QJ on a 7JJ103 board, we got it all in on the river. However i ended the break with 13200 due to the fact I couldn't pick up a pot with a raise preflop. So we cashed i had 7100 left i doubled up with KJ vs. K8. Then with 16 lef 600-1200 blinds im in the sb with 14600 behind me i have 10h8h. 3rd pos. raised minimum when it gets to me i'm getting 3.5-1 on my money so i decide to take a flop the flop comes 3d3h2d. I have 12800 10k in the pot i decide to push it all in. I got called by AA and Qd4d and the AA hung on to knock me out. I think I played well. I maybe should've check the last hand but I'm there to win. I made some hugh laydowns I had QQ with 75-150 blinds with a raise of 450 and 6100 behind me guy makes it 4800 more to me i think and think and i fold and he showed pocked K's. So overall I was happy with my play tonight. Next time I'm going to need to be able to pick up some pots preflop in order to win.

See ya later


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