Monday, April 24, 2006

A Turn Around

So today i entered some tournies at royal. In my first tourney i have 1k 10-20 blinds i have A9 in bb folded to button who raises to 80 i call. Flop is K65 rainbow i check he bet 120 i call. Turn is a 6 i check, he bets 160; i feel he is pretty weak so i raise enough to put him all in. He takes along time before calling and he has AQ!??! Wow that is not a call i would make or anyone i know would make so then i get knocked out next hand. So i entered a 2.20 15 man 25-50 blinds their are 9 left. I have 820 in sb with 9h2h i call bb checks flop comes 965 rainbow. I check he bets 150 i call. Turn is a 6 i move all in for my last 620 and he calls with K6. Im in great shape to double up but K on river! OUCH! 5 outer. So i decide to enter a 2.75 STT, if i win im up 5 on the day if not i have only 55 in the account. So with 5left im ss with 720 i have A10 80-160 blinds i get calle by Jc7c and i hang on to get to 1660. Then next hand i raise with AK and get reraise allin with 99, coinflip. Flop is AK3 and he misses and now im chipleader with 3600 and 5 left. So two hands later 4 left im up to 5100 now i have AK in bb this guy who has 1400 goes all in i call he has AhJh, i flop a K and am commanding chipleader. So im on the button 7k i raise with A9 to 960 3x bb bb moves in for 250 more i call he has AQ, K53 board turn 9!!! GIN no Q and i win he misses. So now with blinds 160-320 i have 8800 i raise enough to pu this guy all in he calls with KQ i have 76 i flop a 7 and that is it!! I win that was my first STT win in a while, which I needed. This a good thing for my account, which is at 68.50. Im done for today, but do plan on doing some more STTs tommorrow.
Have Fun
Matt rules!!


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