Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Str8 Flush and Two Cashes

Today I entered a 2.75 STT and a 2.20 15 man tourney. With 5 left in the STT i had Qd9d in the sb bb checks as i limp. Flop comes 1010K with two diamonds i bet 80 bb calls. Turn Jd!!!! I made the str8 flush i bet 80 he reraises to 160 i just call. River 8 i bet 160 and he reraise all in i call and he had 108. I got heads up in this and lost beacause the blinds are 640-1280 and u only have 10k in play. SO with a second in that i won 7.50. In the 15 man i got to 3k at the final table. I had 77 75-150 blinds i rais to 450, short stack pusheds in another 500 sb calls leaving him 2500 behind him i call leaving 2800 behind me flop is 78Q rainbow. SB pushes all in i call immeidaltely he had AQ the ss had AK and i win a huge pot giving me a 2-1 chip lead heads up. I get it to 4-1 when i have 44 150-300 blinds my opponent has pushed it all in 3 hands in a row and he does this time. This time I call and he has A6 flop comes A63, in need a 4 or runner runner for str8. Turn 5 so now i need a 2 7 or 4 river 2!!!! I win the pot and the tourney worth $15. That got my account from 57.50 to 75.50. Good day so far. Now i got easter dinner, then some yankees. Im playing the 740 tonight.
See ya later Matt


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