Friday, April 21, 2006


I decided to play a rounders tournament. You play 5 rounds and it cost 5.50 to get in and u got to make it in the top 2 to make the second round. So with 6 left i have 1415 and KJ in the bb and J89flop rainbow i bet 150 get called by 3 players their is 800 in the pot i have 1100 so after the 3 on the turn i move in and get called by QJ and double to 3k. Then i just start picking up pots by raising and with 4 left i found myself with 7k and in the bb i have AK button with 3200 left raise minimum to 300 i reraise to 1200 he moves all in for 2k more and the table was playing really tight and i wanted to fold but i was getting to good odds so i called and he had KK and i lost. Then i hagve 3k im on the button with 99. i raise to 600 100-200 blinds. The sb who has 250 more than me reraises all in i have 2400 left and i decide to call just before the clock expires. He has AA and im getting up ready to live and rethink. The flop is J103 rainbow. Turn 7 so i need a J or 8 river 8!!!!!!! Miracle 8 and i win the pot and stay alive. Now i have 6k Few hands later i knock him out with QQ against his AJ then this ss who had 700 left limps in sb i have Kc9c with 7k. I put him all in and h e calls with As2s flop is KJ8 rainbow. Turn makes two spades, but the river is a blank and i advance to the second round. I played real good, but i made the bad play with AK their was no need to gamble i was in first and the table was playing extremely tight. I am fortunate, but i played good and next time I cant call in that situation unless i have a HUGE hand. Round 2 ill play either tonight or tommorrow
Peace Matt


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