Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Turn Around Turned Back Around

I entered a 5.25 4 man HU Tourney, winner gets 20. 15-30 blinds we are fairly even i have QQ i raise to 105 he calls. Flop is QcJc6d he bets 60 i raise to 120 he calls. Turn 8s he checks i bet 240, he calls immediately, river 7c he checks, and i have this feeling he is going to check raise and last time he checked raised the river he had a flopped pair of 7s. So instead of checking i make a mistake and only bet 90 in to a 500 chip pot leaving 980 behind me. Sure enought he reraises to 660 2/3 of my chips. Now i think along time and put him on his made flush so i fold. He show Ah5h for a BEAUTIFUL BLUFF. This was the best opponent i might of ever played. So anways next hand i get Ks8s i raise to 90 he calls. flop is K79 rainbow. I bet 120 he calls leaving 420 in the pot and 770 in my stack turn is a J i go all in he calls with J9. NO! He turned two pair but the river is a 7 making me higher two pair. So at this point i have 2300 to his 700 25-50, he raises min. i call with Kh5h. FLop is J24, check, check. Turn A, making me a flush draw but we both check. River is a 3 making me a wheel. he bets 100 i raise too 300 he goes all in, i call he has JJ for the set and i take down the match. In the next match my opponent is a 5:4 disadvantage when i have 88 in bb. He raises to 60 the min. which he has been doing alot. SO i reraise to 210 he goes all in for 950 i call he has A10 we are in a race. He flops a 10 and hangs and now has 2450 to my 550. I get it back to 2:1 when i have 33 in the sb i limp for 25 he raises to 100 i call. Flop is 3c9s8s. I check he bets 100 i raise to 200 he calls. The turn is Qc he bets 200 i go all in for 680 he calls with QhJs. I think he is drawing dead and that i have the chip lead. The river is a 10s and i see the chips go to him. I then realize he made his 4 out inside str8 draw. I just collapsed to the floor and stayed their for 10 minutes, went on to break a chair and just was wondering what is wrong. I decide to give it one more shot and play a 2.20 15 man. I get to 3k early and in chip lead, but when the blinds got up i got card dead and couldnt make any plays. I did try to make one at 25-50 As9s3h flop check blinds we are in. Turn Kc i check he raises to 50 i check raise to 150 he calls. River 3s, i check he bets 50 i raise to 300 he calls with KhJc. I probably shouldn't of made the play but i checked raised twice and he called with second pair, that is a loose call in my mind considering facing two check raises with an over card, flush draw and pair on the board. SO same blinds im in sb with 1650, 9 left, I have A7o i limp bb raises to 200. He has been raising alot so i reraise to 700 he goes all in and i have 5 more than him. Im getting 3-1 and even if he has 10s im still 3-1 or if he has 6s or under KQ then im in good shape especially for the pot odds im getting so i call he has 88 and wins. I get knocked out and lost 2.60 on the day after being up 5 leaving 61.10 in my account. That is the second time in 3 days i lost to a bad beat on the river in those heads up matches in the last match where i would of won it. So those rivers cost me $40. Hopefully I can turn this bad streak around for good. But I'm taking off until the weekend atleast.
See ya'll later.

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