Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bad Day

After busting out of the 1220 and losing a STT and Hu match i entered a cash game. I m up 1.80 with 6.80 behind and im utg with AK i raise .40 this guy reraises to 1.30 i all of a sudden have this feeling i have the best hand. So i reraise all in and he takes along time and calls with AJ!! i was right but the flop didnt agree it came AJ6 and to add injury to insult the turn is a J too and i lose a 14 dollar pot. I started to make a come back and go my account up to 90 with a cash in a MTT, now Im down to 78.50. Today was tough I could've played better in teh tourney but i played good everything else. Tommorrow I might take off preparing for my live tourney on Thursday. BTW my friend won a 5.50 MTT worht $160, however today he lost 30

Peace Matt


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