Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Unluckiest Human Alive

My friend is the unluckies human alive. He hasnt won a coinflip in 3 months. Gets sucked out like crazy and in today's tourney in looked like his luck my be turning around. He had AK against KK and rivered an A. with lbinds 120-240 he has AK and hangs on against AQ and get s up 10k when this happens. He is in the office with KQ bb who is a complete donk calls the raise of 640 the flop comes K103 rainbow bb checks he bets 600 gets called. Turn Q rainbow still chk and he bets 1900 guy reraises minimum and my friend puts him all in and he calls with 34. He has one out a 3 since a 3 already has been folded and guess what the 3 comes. He loses 4/5 of his stack. Then when he pushes in with Ah2d he gets slowrolled with AA and going to the river he did 13 outs and missed all. That is just a fraction of his bad luck. Yesterday he lost with Js full of aces when the opponent hit his one out royal flush. This kid has no luck. Mike Matusow cant compare to this kid. All of you out there help this kid out
Good luck Don


Blogger Don said...

Yeah hes talking about me.

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