Friday, April 21, 2006

Rounders Round 2

Well it didn't happen to me. I got knocked out early I had AK raised to 80 got 4 callers 345 flop rainbow i bet 260 got two callers. Turn paired the 5 and was a heart i bet 440 one call and i was 100% sure this guy had a flush draw. This other guy reraised all in i decided to fold. The guy had a draw but the reraiser had 76 and limped utg and called a raise with it? He won the pot and i was down to 620, i got back to 1100 when i made a the nut str8 but lost 400 when my Qs and 7s lost to Qs and Js on a board of Q239Q. So with blinds 25-50 i was in sb with 680 guy raises 200 i have KK and move it all in and got called by Aj, flop was 973 but the turn was an A and blank river and i was eliminated. I will play rounders again, but first i got to get my account back up since i lost 7.50 since then. I offically end the day up 7.50 and at one point was up 22. Not a bad day, but could've been alot better. In this HU match this guy honestly flopped top pair 80-90% of the time and couldn't do anything. Tommorrow I hope to play 2 MTT and a STT or 2 to get up so where i can play rounders again. My buddy is gonna play tommorrow too, so i'll watch him too.
See ya'll later


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