Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This Is Why I Hate Cash Games

I was up 5 feeling good then all of a sudden down 30, thats right 30 i have 82.50 in my account. I lost the first 5 when i got coolered then I forgot i how i lost 10 at this table. Then i went to this other table. i was even there when i had 54s with 10.55 in bb one limper sb calls i check. flop is 9s4s5d sb bets .10 i raise to .50 limper and him calls. Turn 6h sb bets .50 i reraise to 3 limper reraises 7.50 more sb goes all in and i think and decide to call. SB has J9 but limper has 96 and takes the pot. I was pissed but how to go on. Then after talking to my friend about the hand i went back at it. I lost pot on a misread and lost 4 there. Then I donked off 7 and here I am down 30 on the day. I still got alot in my account. I have to take tommorrow off and get back into the STT and play some MTT this weekend to get my account back up. Hopefully I will do so and learn from my mistakes and be able to win this money back.
Better luck next time


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