Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Hate Cash Games

I decided to play some .05 .10 nl, big mistake yesterday i lsot 13.I had horrible luck and lost most of the money on major suckouts. For example, first hand I have Aq i raise to .40 guy reraises .30 more i call. Flop is AQ6 rainbow i bet .80 he calls turn 4 which puts two diamonds on the board i have 3.50 left their is 3 in the pot i go all in he calls with 95 of diamonds river 10 of diamonds. I lose 5. Then another time i have 1010 i raise to .60 this guy with 1.70 left calls he has 1.10 left. flop is 873 i go all in he calls with 74 turn 9 river 7 another suckout. Then in another instance.I have KQ this donk who has been raising every hand no lie raises i have 4 behind me i flat call indeed he raises 1 dollar this guy with alot of money calls i decide to go all in the donk folds but the other guy calls with 88 flo is Q106 im in great shape its a 11 dollar pot. Turn8! two outer river Q but it was too late another 5 down the drain. Today first hand I have AJs i raise .40 guy reraise .30 more i call. flop is 810A rainbow we both check. Turn A i bet .40 he reraises to 1.20 i reraise to 3.80 total he calls leaving him .60 i have 1.40. River is 6 i put him all in he calls he had 66. He called a reraise wtih 66. I won to 1.80 when my 910 of spades hit a flush against an opponent who mucked. then i have 86 in sb i limp flo is 952 checked around turn 7 i hit the straight. I bet .10 one caller .50 pot. River 2 i go all in for 1.75 he called with A7 i got up to 3.80. Just now on a flop of 73K i had A8 of clubs two clubs on board i bet out .40 short stack who had .50 called guy next to me called. Tunr J i bet out .60 he called i put him on a draw hand so river is an 8 i check he bets .50 i follwo through on my read and call. he had Q10 of clubs other guy had A4 i win the pot and end up winning .10 in the session. Ill probably play more cash games. I don't want to but if you want to get better you have to practice and that is what you're doing.

Later Matt


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