Sunday, April 09, 2006

This Time 2nd

I entered the 1220 1 dollar again. In the first hour i only gained 10 chips i was absolutely card dead. In the second hour i had to push and won all coin flips and eventually was up to 14k with a cash in my pocket. Then with 30 left 600-1200 blinds mp raises minimum i have AKs on button and go all in he calls i have 500 more than him. He has AA and wins leaving me 566. Next hand i get JJ an triple up to 1550. Then few hands later i quadruple up with KQs when i make the nut flush on the board of As10d6s8s2h. Then 800-1600 blinds im on button i have 7600 i have 42 and it is folded to me so i go all in sb folds and the bb who has 11k calls with J7. flop is 2810 turn K river q! I double up to 15k and ended making the final table with 36k. At the final table i get my stack up to around 120k by people bluffing into me and me calling and me raising and picking up pots. Then 5 handed 6k 12k blinds utg raises minimim i have KQs in bb so i call flop is K86 rainbow i bet 24k. UTG raises 24k more and he has 15k left. I think awhile and put him all in he calls and has 66. I have only 30k left but the turn is an 8 and i have outs. River K!!!!!! i get up to 200k and their are 4 left. Then with 4 left i can pick up any pots, but get down to heads up with everyone just battling each other. First hand of heads of 4k 8k blinds i have A7 and limp hoping my aggressive opponent raise. Indeed he puts me all in and I call. Im surprised to see him have 88 and he holds on for the win. I picked upt 67 dollars for my effort. My main man Donizzle gets the assist with assisting through these final tables. With our minds together we were unstoppable this weekend. I hope the good luck stays for this upcoming week.

Later Matt


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