Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Win!

I won a 1 dollar MTT worth $95! I got good start early when my AKs held up against Kjs and A10 which got me to 4200. At the first break i had 7500. Then i had 9k AJs in 2nd pos. i limp 300-600 blinds flop is AK10 two diamonds blind check utg bets 1200 i reraise to 3600, utg calls. Turn 10 i go all in for 4800 he calls with A3 river Q i hit the nut str8 getting me 2 19k! Then i got 1010, JJ, AA three hands in a row getting me to 28k. I make the final table with 50k. I just took up pots till then and had one suckout when my 88 cracked a short stacks QQ. At the final table i move to 90k when my pair of jacks beat a bluff. When we r 3 handed I take the chip lead with 99 holding up against Aq getting me to 180k. Then we get to heads up with me having 260k he has 290k. He go back and forth when this hand happens. I have A5o in sb he has been playing super aggressive we are where we started heads up. 6k 12k blinds. I raise toe 36000 he calls flop is A5Q two diamonds I check he bets 24k i flat call. Turn 7 i check he bets 36k i reraise to 72k he calls. River jd three diamonds i check he bets 36k i call he has A6 and I take a huge chip lead 460k to about 80k. Then two hands later I have 66 and put him all in he calls with A10s flop is 34Q turn J river 9!! I win the tournament and pick up the $95. I withdrew 110 and left 112 dollars in my account. Since then im down 12 because of cash games, but I'm still in good shape. I played a live tourney last night finished third got my money back. Which was horrilbe because I was on. I called the exact hand 75% of the time and was in the vicinity anohter 20%. Anyways Im pumped about the win and hope for another one tommorrow.

Later Matt


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