Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tough Break

entered the 1220 1 dollar. Early on i got to 1800 when this happened. I got QQ in 3rd postion i riase to 120 guy n late pos. raises to 220 i reraise him to 580 he calls. FLop is 35K all spades we check turn 6 off suit check check river 7d check check he flips up AKs for the win. Then with blinds 25-50 i got 1160. I get QQ again in the bb guy in second pos. raises to 100 one guy calls another goes all in for 355 i go all in for all my chips original raise folds the other guy calls virtually all his chipls . THe shorth stack has j9s and the other idiot called a raise reraise and a reraise with A10. Of course he hits the fuckin A. Im out. i playin the 230 i got 130.75 in my account. I probably play a STT between now and then. In another tourney I had AKs and flopped nut flush draw on a 986 board after raising to 480 on a raise of 140 so this guy goes all i call getting 3-1. He has 710s fucking joke. I won a 15 man but recently busted out of a 3.50 MTT. Just now i had AQ vs Kj and AJ flop was A910 turn 8 river fin Q and i finish in 7th. I got 133.50 to end the week. Not a badd week as I finished 32.50 up on the weekend, but a horrible day.

Later Matt


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