Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Biggest Pot Ever Won In A Cash Game

I was playing .05 .10 and lost 5 and rebought. I won some hands on good calls and was at 8.15 (I bought in for 5). So i have A7s 5 handed i limp everyone else does flop is 3Q7 checked around. Turn 3 checked to me i bet .30 this guy reraise .30 so I call, I feel I have him since i ve seen him 4 times do that and have nothing and 1 time he did have a set. River 7 So he has 3 left i bet .40 he raises to 1. Now i know i made a bad call because I realize he had the 3 so i put him all in he calls and i take the pot getting me to 11.50. The very next hand 4 handed, I have QQ in the bb sb raise to .75 i reraise t0 3 he goes all in for 18 dollars i say well if he got KK or AA so be it i call. He has 1010! Im 4-1 now can i hang on; flop is 939 Turn 2 River 4!!! I win the pot and its $23 but with the rake its 21.50. I left the table taking my winnings. I won 11.50 at the table and 23 on the day sinc i did win a STT where i won every coinflip. Well right now Im watching my freind play .25 .50.

See ya soon


Blogger Don said...

I'm the friend.

Yeah I'm fuckin cursed. Happy to see you can win when you're a 4-1 favorite. How does that feel?

How does it feel to win a coinflip? Don't recall the feeling.

6:52 PM  

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