Monday, May 01, 2006

Giants Draft

I'm a huge NY fan, this means Yankees and Giants. I'm pumped for the start of the Sox and Yankees this week, but a little disappointed the Giants draft. They had 25th overall and traded it to Pittsburgh for the 32nd overall gaining a 3rd and 4th round selection. They needed defensive back and wide reciever help. So when it gets to them Jimmy Williams an All American DB and has alot of expierence and Chad Jackson the best WR in the draft. I'm so pumped, but they say with the 32nd pick overall the New York Giants select Mathias Kibeukuekw DE Boston College? WTF!! They have the two best DEs in football and they past those players up, however they did move up in the 2nd round to get Sinorce Moss, WR from Miami(Fl), he fits better with the Giants offense than Jackson, at slot and kick returned. Day 2 was better as they picked up a good tackle and some secondary help including a guy in the 7th round from Maryland who runs a 4.21 40 yd dash. I'm excited for the upcoming season now and of course a World Championship with the Yankees. BTW I cashed in a STT and currently in one now. I would of won the other one but i took a sick beat. I had 88 he had 63 K105 rainbow flop. Turn 6 River 3. He won on the next hand. Hopefully I'll cash in this one too getting my account aboe 60 again.WOW!!! Just as im about to publish this i have AA in bb for 40 i see some guy has gone all in for 580 more so i call he has 77 and flopped the 7 and i lose half my stack. Im not out,but it's not looking good; hope for the comeback.

Matt rules!!


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