Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kentucky Derby and I Cashed.

Well I played for the first time in 4 days in a 2.75 STT and got second earning 7.50. Played tight early on, and when we got short handed I picked up alot of pots. Last hand I had AQ limped he checked Jd10c5d I go all in for half his chips he calls with 8d3d. Turn 4h River 8h he takes the pot; my account is now back over 50 at 53.51. Anyways the Kentucky Derby is today and love it. It's a great event to watch and you can really get in to it. I got Brother Derek to win this race and the Triple Crown. I saw him in the Santa Anita Derby in which he won, and I like him alot and think he can win all three races. I'm hoping to get some money on it. It's today at 5ET on NBC, WATCH IT!!



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