Tuesday, May 02, 2006

O Lordy Moley

This was the sickest tournament I played. I have a 3-2 adavante in a HU match. I have 1010 raise to 60, the minimum. He raises to 200 and I put him all in he calls with AK. The flop is 783 Turn 7 River K. I have 420 left to his 1640. I played ver well and get back into the chip lead when i have Q3 in the bb 50-100 blinds. Flop is 733 i check, he bets 200 i raise to 400 he calls leaving 325. Turn 8 which now gives me a Q high spade draw, i get him all in and he calls with Q7 river7, NO!!! NOT AGAIN! The guy then goes on to call me a lmao saying i was on tilt? So then I go all in with Kh8c he calls with Ad6d. Flop is 2h4d3h Turn Jh so i have 15 outs River 9h i hang on. He then proceeds to say What a Suckout! LOL I took a 6 outer and a 2 outer and he complains about a slight favorite on the flop and then i have 15 outs and he is calling me a noob, i just laughed, suckout my ass. Two hands later i have 880 he has 1120 he goes all I immediately call with A7, he has Q5!! I'm almost a 2-1 favorite. Here is the flop Qj8, what else would you expect. What horrible luck, that was freaking brutal. All the money i won in that 2nd place gave it all back.This is so sick, I'm pretty frustrated, but i got to keep at it. This luck has to turn around. I'm going to play some now and I might report back here later.



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