Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sorry that I couldn't post sooner, I've been really business lately with school, umpiring, and other things. Well last weekend i had a great weekend and got my account to 82.31. I won 2 15 mans, I played well in all of them and was very happy with the results. I was finally not getting sucked out on every time. I've been playing some .05 .10 limit hold'em and have been winning. I have had 5 winning sessions ranging from .15 cent profit-2.50 profit in about half hour sessions. I had one losing session, losing 2.80. I like limit better because you don't have as big of swings and you can play more pots, which i like to do in cash games. I only played one MTT and was card dead and made a bad read. However, I was happy with the results of this weekend getting my accout almost to where it was at my last withdrawl. In other news my good friend ho hasn't played poker in 2 1/2 weeks (Unluckiest Human Alive), won a $11 dollar tournament at FT worth $637 and cashed in another. It was a good week for us padawons. The Preakness is coming up this Saturday and once again I got Brother Derek. Last time he ran a great race, but he got squeezed twice. I've been followin the National Heads Up Championships, but still got to finishing watching last weeks episode. Well, in the upcoming weeks I'm going to play poker including my monthly home tournament on Memorial Day; keep following the Yankees and play in my wiffle ball leauge, where we have fallen to last place. I'll do a better job on keeping up with the updates.



Blogger Don said...

Yeah I'm the big winner...hehe. Like Matusow, even somebody who is rediculously unlucky can pull out a win once in a while ;)

I know ya prolly won't believe me now but I picked Barbaro literally 5 seconds before the race. I forgot to tell ya that. I had picked Brother Derek but then they mentioned the stat about nobody winning in the #18 gate since like 1980 somethin so I was like fuck it, I'll pick Barbaro and whaddaya know?

I think its good for ya to play limit. Keep with it and keep track of your play.

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