Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sorry guys I am at this job where I have to work every night for like 3 weeks. I posted about a week ago but I guess it didnt go through. In there I wrote how I made a stud final table where I got 2nd for 41 dollars and I won a tournament at my friend's house worth $30. Today I played for the first time in a week. Bad decision worst day ever. Lost $45 about 30-35 of that in cash games. Now you all know why I don't play cash games. I started the day with 233 and no am at 188.50, it is so frustrating knowig I really have to go back to the grind. Im currently in a tournament where I need 3rd just to be down 8. Im still working at this job for another 1 1/2- 2 weeks. So I'll try to post once in there. The plan is to stop the cash games and grind my way back up through through 3.50 and under. Back to the grind and I need luck



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