Friday, June 30, 2006

Bad Day Online

Final tally down 22 on the day. I won a 5 dollar 6 man, got 3rd in a 5 dollar 20 man for a total of 29 dollars now for the losses. 3 2 dollar 15 mans. -6 4 5 dollar HU 4 mans -21. I got killed there with some sick stuff. Two 5 dollar 15 mans. -11 Last one i was in good shape but 99 couldnt beat 52 ona 754 flop then ofcourse 2. Same guy A10 vs. A9 chop he busted when AK vs 55 and 55 made a set. In the other one who knows. Got coolered twice QQ on 2 dollar 15 man bubble only guy that can bust me and donk picks up KK. Then in a cash game KK of course AA beautiful. -8 in cash games by the way. And for the last 5 STT 5 dollar A9 guy calls big preflop raise with Q8 flops bottom 2 I bust out. I had a rough day, no more 5 dollars gotta go back to the 2 dollars, if I can win 2 15 mans Ill be at 145 so that would be a gain

Wish me luck for the grind


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