Sunday, June 11, 2006

What u Know About That

I won my biggest tourney ever!! It was the 830 am 6 NL freezeout. I double up early when my AQ hung up against K10. At the end of that break i had 4100 and 40 people were left and 10 pay. Off the bat i get up to 6500, but then i get dead and im done to 3300. The blinds were weird in this too. Instead of going from 150-300 to 200-400 they went to 250-500, and after that instead of 300-600, they went to 400-800 and so forth. However well with 25 people left i had my stack mentioned before. I have 66 raise the tighest player at the table reraises all in which would leave me 500 if i call and lose. I feel he has AQ or AK so i have to call indeed he had AK and i hung on. Few minutes later im all in again for 6600 with AK and got called by 1010 I made trips on a board of QJAA7. Then i picked up some pots and got to the final table with 17k. I got up to 26k when my A8 held up against my opponents Q8s. Then i knocked out 2 ss with 2s full of 7s and got 34k. With 4 left blind 2k-4k I have 99 and go all in for 32k total this guy with 40k calls with AQ. Flop came Q22 NO!! im done, NO! Turn9!!!!!! O baby i win that and get to 66k later the guy i beat their pushes all in for 14k I call with A2s and he has 88 however the flop comes A22 and we are 3 handed. I then proceed to win a 85k pot with 3 4s and i have a big chip lead. Then i knock that guy out with Ks and 5s. HU i had a 6-1 lead but went ot 3-1 when his AJ held up against my Q10. However i make a nice check raise which hurts him alot. So he has 24k i have 185k I put him all in, I have QQ he calls with K5 board comes A7982. I win it!! 215 smacks.Now i can take that money out and pay some people back. As of now though i have 320 in my account. I think im taking out 155, leaving me 165. This was a great weekend. I won 260 dollars in about 10 hours of play.

See yall later


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