Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Final Table in the 12:30

I got off to a good start when my K9 on a 975 flop hung on against A7 to get me to 2700 i won a nice pot on bluff. Then I got to 5700 when my 108 of clubs made a str8 flush on a Qc9cQh2dJc board opponent had KQ. I got to 8200 when my K7 flopped a set. Then with about 11k in my stack 2 away from the final table in a field of 97 I have JJ the guy to my right goes all in for 7500 i think for along time and decide to call with JJ he has Ak of spades. Flop is Kh10hQd Turn 6h and I have the Jh for 16 outs River is a J, which gives me a set, but makes him the str8 an im left with 3400, I somehow manage to make the final table with 5k. Then wiht 8 left I win a pot with 44 to get my stack to 11k. I doube with 84 on 5h6c7d board guy called with 5d6d Turn 2d river 10c i double up. With 6 left I double up agian with 22 guy missed flush draw. The with 4 left i have 14k short stack 11k tight player. he limps from sb i check with Qs3h Flop comes down KsQh6s check check Turn is 9s he goes all in I think I decide to call he ha 97 no flush draw. I need to dodge a or a 7, the river is a 7 but a spade. Then I get short stacked again and get in with 1010 vs Aq 8j9 flop I miss i finish third for 36.27. I play good but I could of played better. After that my account was at 131 but I just won a heads up touney and now have 146. Lets hope the good luck continues



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