Friday, June 16, 2006

Strange Tournament

Twice i was below 1k and twice i got it back to over 2500 with a set. Then I got to 6800 at break with donks giving me this money especially one. Well in the 2nd break i get to 8k with this donk paying me off when i had 3 Qs. SO i have 8k this donk hs 4500 i have KQ this guy raise min. after the donk limped i call. FLop is K1010 rainbow. Donk bets out 600 100-200 blinds. Raiser calls, I know the raiser is weak and im pretty sure the donk is just tilting. So i raise to 1800 he moves all in fro 1200 more the other guy folds. Even if he has the 10 i have to call im getting 6-1, but i think he has a bad A, to my astonishment he doesn't even have that he has 22. Turn 6 im about to become chip leader with 13k River 2!!! WTF R U KIDDING ME!! This has been happening all week. Im left with 3k make bluff lose half my stack, I have to stick in with K6 and get slowed by AA who ends up making the nut flush. 120 entered i finished 31st, it was 6 buy in and now my account is at 72, but if i win this 15 man i can get it to 87 and be up 5 on the day. This is the second bad run in a row, excluding that phenominal last weekend. Well, I have to keep grinding.



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