Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Monthly home game

Today was my monthly home game 10 showed 10 buy-in 65 30 15 prize pool. We started with 1300 in chips and I quickly go to around when 2k when i made the nut str8 and 2 flushes with in 20 minutes. I then increased my stack when i made to full houses to 2600. I then got to 3500 when we had 10 20 blinds i had AQs i raised to 70 2 calls A96 rainbow i check kid bets 100 i reraise 200 more he pushs in like 500 more i instantly call im right he has A10 i hang on. Then i get to around 4500 when i raise 160 total with A8s 4 handed bb calls 100 more. 882 flop he bets 100 i reraise 200 more he goes all in i call he has 108 i hang on. Then we make final table,first hand 65 in sb i limp with 3 others bb checks 523 rainbow i check bb bets 150 me and my friend call he has about 2k behind him, turn 4 i check bb bets 75 my friend reraises to 225 i go over the top of both of them for 750 more bb folds, my friend takes awhile before pushing in 650 more. I was going to call, but I made a mistake, instead of saying call then counting the chips, I did it backwards, so when I call it seemed like a slowroll which in a sense it was, (sorry bro didn't mean t00 next time ill do it right) So anyway he has the A but with a flush draw that misses and i take a big chip lead. I get heads up with this kid u cant bluff i mean i bet pot the night before in a cash game on a JJ889 board the kid instantly called with Qhigh because he did't care. I didnt bluff him once and i got to like 9k-4k in chips when he raises the me the min. on the button with J10 200-400 blinds i reraise 1k more with KQs he calls Flop AcQh10c i flop second pair nut flush draw and a gut shot, I check he bet 500 i call. Turn Jc, I hit the royal flush!! I check he bets 1k i reraise 1300 more he calls leaving him like 800 river, perfect Kd i push in immediately he calls. To everyones astonishment I show the royal and win the tournament. I played really well today,multiple times i folded top pair in unraised pots and was right, i folded 77 preflop 4 handed when the kid had 88 called a kid down with bottom pair no kicker and was right. This was probably the best I played in this game ever.

Hope to repeat next time,



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