Friday, June 09, 2006


I haven't play any poker since Sunday, but today i played some STTs. The first was a 2.75 10 man, I took home second and 7.50 I played real tight , but made moves when I needed to. The other was a 5.50 15 man with first 37.50. I got off to a good start and ha 2k in 10 minutes. I eventually made the final table with 4k. I got down to around 3200, but I cashed guranteeing myself 15 dollars. I got alot of hands at the final table, but no action. Finally with 3 left and that stack I have AQ 150-300 blinds. I raise to 900 the big stack with 8800, raises to 1500 i decided to go all in and he calls. I think im beat because he called so fast, but I can't fold here. To my amazement he has AJs and I win the pot giving me the chip lead! I knock the other guy out with A10 against his A6. So heads up i have 8200 to his 6800. The 5th hand I have KK and decide to limp, he raises to 600, I then reraise t0 1500 he reraises to 2700. I then put him all in he thinks awhile and Im praying for him to call, and he does with KJ, Im in great shape! Flop is A97 Turn 5 He is drawing dead and I win the tournament earning $37.50. This now has my account at a smooth 103.75. Know I have some freedom, and can play some rounders and some 5 dollar tourneys without really sweating. Im very likely done for today, but plan on playing the 930 tommorrow night after my first baseball game of this summer leauge Im in.

Ill keep you updated,


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