Saturday, July 01, 2006

Down Again and Disappointing Showing

I ended the day down 7 but I should of been up in a 2 NL freezeout I finished 8 away from the money. In a 3 dollar 86 man event i make final table but only gurantee +.37 when nice spot up clears 4. So i start the final table in 8th with 3600, but i get up to 5k. Im on button 30k stack raises min to 1600 i reraise to 5k total all in raiser calls with QJs. im 2-1 favorite. 282 flop turn 9 river J. Out im pissed because that was the third time this tourney i got my money with the best hand and sucked out on 99vs. A4 guy flopped an A and then JJ vs. Q10 guy turned a Q. If i could catch a break im basically guranteed 9th because their was a guy with 1500 left. Plus to add worse news DN finished 2 spots away from the final table in the 2500 dollar Short Handed Event when AA got cracked by 77, he was in second by alot and of course Dutch Boyd the only person who can bust him does. I played real good poker in that tourney. Im very disappointed If I can win the pot I feel real good about my chances. Hopefully next time I can win when I have the best hand

Peace Matt


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