Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Weekend

Well this was a crazy weekend. I won another 4 man 5 dollar Hu match and lost one too. I won a 5.50 6 man and made a cash in a 3.50 rebuy worth 22 dollars and the same tournament, this time a freezeout for 8.65. I also qualified for the 100k guranteed by winning my entry through a 6 dollar satelite. I made to the second hour, but got knocked out when my KK got cracked by 66. I also cracked AA 3 times and kings once. One time i had 75s raised to 3x bb then guy reraised to 450 more so i was getting about 5-1 on money called Flop went 998 two diamonds, my suit. I push it all in he calls with AA and Ad Turn Kd River 6d, i think Im out, but the chips come my way and I see Straight Flush!! Thats how i cashed in this tournament. So after the 60 dollars from my friend Im up 30 bucks on the weekend 130 in my account. Im probably going to play the 830 5+1 NL Freezeout about 100 will enter. I also got 2 live tournaments this week Wednesday where 32-40 are coming and Thursday 12-20 both 10 dollar buy in. Im very excited, but for some bad news my friend is in another bad run and is down about 1200 in a month. However he is currently doing very well in a 10+1 tourney where first is 1k, lets hope and pray for him.

See yall later


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