Friday, August 18, 2006

Good and Bad News

First the bad news, Im under 200 dollar mark at royal. Just the same from the last post. I have to got to 2 dollars which makes it that much harder to get it back. What I really need is a nice cash of 50 dollars or more in a MTT. I was in position to do so last night, but I got cold decked. Another thing that makes me perturbed; royal was having some problems with their server last night and Im 99% sure that they gipped my account of $5.15 and at this point that is crucial money.

Now the good news. I was railing a fellow FCPer last night who took home a little over 1k in a Horse event finishing 13. One of the railers, known as disrespect, gave me 5 dollars so I could play the 5 dollar today. In the second level, I had QQ on button and this guy next to me over riased to 235 20-40. I just called and me and him heads upo to the flop QJ10 he checked . I bet 240. He min. raise. I was 50/50 he had AK, but I thought their are alot of hands I could beat that he could have so I pushed all in indeed he had the AK. Turn 2, river 10!! I fill up and get lucky for the first time in about a month and my stack is at 3k. After some scenarios my stack is at 1900 with 15 minutes before firtst break. When I make a move with J6 and get back up to 2800. I made a nice play with 55 and at break Im at 4200. Nothing really happens and Im at about 4500 80-160 and im on the button with 8h9h, their are 2 limpers in front of me I limp 2 and both blinds take a flop.KhJd5h. blinds check and first limper bets 400 and I'm the only one to call, turn 4h!! he bets the pot of 1600, I hollywood about and take along time to finally push in my last 3400 he takes awhile and calls with 55 for a set he bricks the river and I double up to 8800. I then Had QQ on a 2c3cJd flop i get it all in with half my chips and my opponent has 10c7c he turns the flush and Im done to 4500. I work real hard and at the break have my stack at around 8200 near the money. I eventually cash with that stack. I made a odd, bad play with J8 where i called a turn bet with a gut shot which hit and i get it all in and I double up to 16k. I then go on another break with about 19 left and im 11 with 27k in chips. Then something came up so I couldn't play the first 15 minutes when I came back their were 16 left. 1k 2k blinds and i have 16k left. The second hand I come back to i push all in with 1010 and get called by KJ and hang on and get to 33k. The blinds then raise to 1200-2400 with a 250 ante. Im in the sb with 13 left and 28k behind me. I have AhQh. The button raise to 11k I push all in and he takes about 3 seconds and calls with QsJs. Im a 3-1 favorite to get to 60k and top 5 in chips.The flop JdKdKh. OMG 3 outer. I still have 9 outs 2 Qs 3As and 410s. I brick and get knocked out in 13th place for $19.30. Im so piss because I win that pot Im guranteed a final table which I woul make atleast $43. I think I was the best player left and if I won that pot and with that stack I would of had a great chance of taking down the $550 first prize. Oh well got to move on, but now I can play some on full tilt. My goal is to play some 1 dollar 45 mans and maybe the 5pm 1 dollar MTT. If I can get a cash of 10 or more then I'll try the 6pm or a different 5 dollar again.

I cannot play tommorrow and probably Monday at the earliest. Im planning on having a tournament at my house for 10 buy this week. Also, their is a good chance Im attending a different tournament,and one of my friends said he was going to have a cash game too. I m going back to school in 2 weeks and probably starting a new job which will really cut down on my time. Im gonna try to build both my bankrolls till then and take advantage of the time I have remaining. Also the Yankees and Red Sox are playing a big series, I love the lsat 6 weeks of MLB, should be a great ending. GO YANKEES!!! They just took the lead in game 2 of the doubleheader. That just proves to you that Jeter is the best player in baseball.

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