Thursday, August 10, 2006

Re:Tough Bubble

Well this is just about the night of the tough bubble. I stayed up all night and played tournies. So after I bubbled I played a 2 dollar 15 man, and what do you know bubble. So I get over that and play the 3:30 1200 guranteed short handed. I got up to 6k early but lost it all. So I rebought and added on and already put 9 dollars in this tourney. I was playing Gus Hansen style, anything suited anything paint. So I get back up to 6k when my 96 holds on against AK. I was hitting all my draws which is what you need when you play like this. So at break I was chip leader with over 25k. Then in the 2nd hour I tightned up and had chip lead with 50k. So the very first hand after the break I bluff of 16k. I cash and then get card dead. I got 5 hands in the next 80 minutes. Every single time no action QQ twice AA AQ and AK. When I tried to steal the pot I got ran over the top. So at the break 13 left Im in 9th, 6 make the final table since it was short handed So I have 32k guy next to me 29k He pushes all in with blinds 800 1600k I decide to call with 77 he has 88 and Im out in 10 for 17 dollars clearing 8. So after that I play a 2 dollar 15 man and bubble from final table. Then since Im up I decide to play the 5 dollar O8 I play good for the first hour. But in the second hour I hit a wall and just play horrible, but I make the final 8 5 pay. I try to focus and have shot to cash but lose when my two pair lost to a straight, couldn't recover and finish 6 for the 3rd bubble of the night. I play a 4 man heads up thing and lose in the final match when my 1010 got cold decked against KK. So I was up 12 dollars at one point, but ended up down 3.

Today I came back On lost 10 in cas games but won a 15 man, then in a 5+1 tournament, and got crippled when my AJ on a AQ6 ran into 66. Hanged on for almost 20 more minutes, but my AQ couldn'tAK. I also bubbled in a STT before that. After the tourney I decide to play another 5 dollar STT. I got off to a slow start, but I hang on and won the thing ofr $25 putting me up on the day, currently I'm in a dollar where 20 pay; if anything happens I'll get back to ya'll

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