Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tough Return

Yesterday was my last day on my job and today I played poker. I entered a 3 dollar rebuy played like shit and then tilted off about 10 dollars after putting my account down to 232. Then i recouped played a cash game lost 5 and then played a 5.50 10 man Omaha H/L which I won getting me to 242. Then i played a 5 dollar 6 man 20-40 blinds im in bb this guy utg raised minimum and i know that means he is weak, but the button min raised him and i decided to call the 80 and the utg called the 40. 873 flop Gin! utg bets min. button reraises to 200 i reraise to 600 leaving me about 1k utg folds button flat calls turn Q i go all in for the 1k. The button takes 10 seconds and calls with QQ, coolered and slowrolled i get bounced. Then i play another 6 man and have 1300 with 40-80 blinds 4left utg min riases button and I call i have KJs the flop comes down J97 rainbow i check utg bets 240 leaving him 850 i reraise all in and he calls with 99 i go on to bust when my A2 falls against 77. Then I make it to the final table in ad 5 dollar 15 man and if I win this im up on the day so i ha 1800 i raise to 450 on button with AQ bb reraise 300 more i move in for my last 1k he thinks and calls 1/3 of his chips with 89 off? flop is Q97 all hearts which I don't have and of course he has. Turn 8 great Im pretty much screwed and of course the rivers is a 9. That was the second time today I made a 15 man final table and no cash. I also lost a 2.50 Stt. I coulndt hit a flop in the tournament, granted I was playing great, but I would have hands like 86s and they would never hit. It was sick, currently Im in a 5 dollar STT, if I win I have minimal losses on the day with 245 in my account if I lose 220 and Im dropping down to 2 dollars.
Main event update: DN is pawning and ivey are still in, mike got screwed and phil got bounced, I have a friend in there, but no idea of how they are doing.

Ill get back to you later


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