Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Straight Up Bull

After staying the day up 13.50 i proceeded to be cold decked. Bounced in the 5 dollar i was iced by the deck, donk the 2 dolllar, bubbled in 3 5 dollars. I got coolered in 3 5 dollars, Slow rolled 6 time today. So i was down but played the 1230 I played real good poker. THen I took some sick shit KKvs. QQ lose. A10 vs. A8 lose. I wasup to 10k this borught me to 7k. I fought back all the way to 18k When I lost a pot withAK down to 14k . Then I have 33 400-800 i raise to 2400 this guy reraise all in for 7 k more i call leaving me 4k he had AJ 291010 river A sucked out i win that pot I m commanding chip leader. Soim donw to 2k i fought back to 7200 then with 5700 left on the bubble i have 77 i push in same guy calls with A9s of spades flop KsJsjhturn8c river Ac gg me second bubble in a row in that tourney So On the day i end up down 14 and 27 from my high. My account is at 232. Im so pissed right now, I played good I either got my money in good like KK vs.QQ and lose or i have K5c and the guy rivers the Q high str8 flush. gutshot for one out. Twice today some guy hit a one outer which cost me from cashing. I played 5 5dollar 6 mans bubbled in 3 2nd in one. I got try to recoup and grind back up.

IM pissed


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